"It feels like i’m breathing with my heart."


Perché è inutile mentire, mi spezzi il cuore e io ogni volta torno da te. Chiedendoti scusa per essermi illusa che questa volta sarebbe stato diverso.

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3. January 2014

You know what freaks, i miss the old good days. I miss the naive Not-that-kind Anastacia or the cheeky Paid my dues chick. My love for Anastacia is unchanged but i feel the deep connection between fanily and her queen is lacking. It’s not the same anymore, she ain’t the same woman anymore. It’s just work/business and no more fun nowadays. No more silly vlogs or embarassing photos. No more jokes and lipdubs (still embarassed about it!) It’s just about the music and i feel we disconnected with her very life. And personally fanily doesn’t feel much a family if our mama-bear isn’t commited.Yep a lot (bad) happened last year and i really wish 2014 will bring all the old good back because i don’t even want to think the change is permanent.
It just breaks my heart.I know this is totally uncalled for but at this point it hurts me not to speak my mind, well you what kind of soul i am. I’m excited for this upcoming year and what is going to happen in Anastacia-world, not only music but also the old genuine freak fun. Anastacia is a great woman and she will always be in my heart but i don’t want to talk past about this experience. I want our old connection back!

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